DLN Shades are the perfect way to combine a fun, yet useful fashion statement with charitable goals. With mirrored lenses and bright color options, the shades are blacklight (UV) reactive and feature a foldable visor. This makes them great for music festivals, the beach, parties, and everyday wear!

In addition, DLN Shades gives back by supporting Voices Against Brain Cancer & For Pete’s Sake and donates 10% of their sales to them.

Voices Against Brain Cancer’s (VABC) mission is to find a cure for brain cancer and brain tumors by advancing scientific research, increasing awareness, creating a brain cancer and tumor community, and supporting patients, their families and caregivers afflicted with this devastating disease.Voices Against Brain Cancer is the personal brainchild of a family, and a father who lost their son to brain cancer.

For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation enables cancer patients and their loved ones to strengthen, deepen and unify their relationships by creating unforgettable and lasting respite vacations.

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Many do not know that the world’s first sunglasses were created by the Eskimos, or the Inuit of the Artic. Originally referred to as snow goggles, they were a type of eyewear designed to protect the eyes from snow blindness. The goggles were pierced with narrow, horizontal slits that reduced glare and improved visual acuity. Some of the snow goggles also featured a wooden visor in order to minimize sun exposure and better shield the face. Snow goggles were an evolutionary advancement.

Eskimo Goggles

Since then, snow goggles have been forgotten, and the concept of visors sunglasses was re-invented. Beginning in the 1920s visor sunglasses have experienced phases of popularity and craze.             

Women in Visor Sunglasses

The next phase is NOW! DLN Shades are ready to claim the next evolution of visor sunglasses.